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Before I write another word, first let me say this…

Okay, so I haven’t been updating this blog lately mostly because of how the process has murdered my soul. Honestly, if Stefania and had dime for each time either of us were asked, “When are you getting married” we could’ve  just bought a damn country, moved there and gotten married.

We’d call it, “Freedonia”.

Stef and I waited almost a year to see each other (I last saw her Christmas of 2009) because we were waiting for the Visa Petition to be approved. That way I could join her on her trek to Naples for her interview with the US Consulate.

Of course the stress became too much and we caved. I couldn’t bear the idea of not seeing Stefania for a solid year, so I bought a ticket on December 3rd I hoped on a Swiss Air jet to Milan, a mere three  weeks shy of Christmas 2010. I just got back in town yesterday.

Needless to say, the trip was fantastic! This blog was to be supposed to be about that adventure, however instead let me skip waaaay ahead to one of the last things I said to Stefania as she dropped me off at the airport to return home…

“What are you crying for?  That damn letter from the Government is probably in my mail box right now. I’ll be buying another ticket in a week.”

Of course I didn’t believe that garbage. It was a little white lie, said to make yet another airport drop-off a bit more bearable.

I get to my desk today and catch up with my boss/friend, Aaron. Upon talking about the frustration of waiting for the government to tell us when we can get married, Aaron says… “Hey! I got mail.  And there’s a letter from the Government for you!”

I didn’t get too excited. With my luck, some politician I sent a effed up letter to figured out a way to get my old ass drafted.

But glory to God, Christmas has come early!!!

It was an I-797 Notice of Action: APPROVED!


Um, Santa, could ya hook a brotha up with a ticket? I have to get to Napoli, yo!


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Yep.  Stefania, my girl from Milan, ITALY arrived in Cleveland and my mom had a hot plate of spaghetti waiting for her. I walked into the house and saw the 3-pack pictured Ragu Spaghetti sauce and I thought to myself…

“This is effing GOLD!”

Of course I also had a bit of panic, wondering what kind of cultural shock we were all in store for.  I don’t think Stef ever had pasta with sauce from a jar. However I had two things in my favor.

1. Momma Earls’ mad culinary skills. She doctored the hell out of that Ragu, just using the sauce as a base and then hookin’ it up with her own “flava”.  The Pasta was DOPE.

2.  Stefania is no food snob. She “gets it”. Any girl that can get down at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles just knows what’s up.  Right?  We inhaled it that spaghetti like it was nobody’s business and all was good with the world.

Suffice it to say, I absolutely love the two women of my life.

Stef arrived in Cleveland, Saturday 11/21/09 at 9:57 PM.  My boy, Curtis, and I boogied up 480 West to pick her up. I made a sign to greet her upon arrival. I know it’s wussy. Shut the hell up. Of course I missed her. While I was babbling on to Curtis, he gives me the nod to check out my 3 o’clock and there she is, draggin her carry-on bag across the floor and heading towards the baggage carousel.

Between my mom’s and Stef’s cooking (not to mention all the killer fattening restaurants and grub in this town). I fully expect to return to LA at least 15 pounds heavier.   Damn right, I’m gonna hit up some Chick-Fil-A while I’m home, too. Screw it. You only live once.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Buonanotte a tutti.

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